7 reasons why cycling in London promotes personal wellbeing

Cycling means exercise and this is a benefit to the entire body. Cycling activates your metabolism, it tones muscle tissues, burns excess fat and much much more.

Obvious right?

But what is quite often underestimated is the positive and feel-good effects of a good cycle ride ( especially outside in nature ) and the benefits it has on the mind and an individual's mood. Being fit and in good physical shape is no good if you're stressed out, tired, feel burdened and have a cluttered mind.

1) Cycling is less stressful than driving a car 

According to some research the heart rate of a car driver that is stuck in London traffic can rise to nearly 150 beats per minute during heavy traffic or during rush hour times.  That’s more than double the heart rate of an average healthy adult cyclist. Car drivers stuck in busy traffic stress levels are even higher than those of fighter pilots reportedly.

So de-stress and ride a bike!

2) Cycling helps you get a good nights sleep

A study by Stanford University Department of Medicine found that cycling for about half an hour a day helps us sleep much better. Cycling can help people suffering from insomnia and can help them fall asleep quicker. Another study suggests it also helps them sleep for longer.

A college professor explains that when we are exposed to sunlight whilst cycling this helps regulate the body's biological rhythms and reduces cortisol levels in the body thereby improving sleep.

So if you want a good nights sleep go for a cycle!

3) Cycling is good for your brain

An American University conducted tests on a group of cyclists who increased their cycling exercise by just 5%. The test results showed a 15% improvement in their overall performance on a mental aptitude tests. Meaning that cycling actually stimulates brain cells in the hippocampus which is responsible for your memory.

So if you want to ace that exam go for a cycle!

4) Cycling puts you in a good mood

Calorie consumption by the body whilst cycling produces endorphins in the brain, which helps to improve your mood. Regular cycling helps to improve our physical well-being which in turn improves our self-esteem; making us feel more attractive and overall happier.

Feel better about yourself and go for a cycle!

5) Cycling can make you healthy

A study at a University in the US found out that people who cycling for just 30 minutes a day will reduce their risk and likelihood of illness when compared to less active individuals. 

Cut down on those sick days and ride a bike!

6) Cycling can make you more productive

Another study revealed that cyclists are more focused and productive at both home and work.

Be more focused and ride a bike!

7) Cycling can make you more alert

It is known that cycling as well as providing physical benefits makes people more alert as they have to adapt very quickly to road conditions, weather and hazardous situations whilst cycling.

Be more alert and ride a bike!

Cycling can help us achieve our optimum level of both physical and mental well-being.

Cycling helps us to improve our lives both physically and mentally

Improve your wellbeing and go for a cycle today.


7 reasons why cycling in London is good for you


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London cycling Improves your wellbeing


It's essentially tax and interest free scheme designed to encourage employees to lead a healthy lifestyle by encouraging them to take up exercise, in this case cycling.
You can read more about the Cycle to work scheme here.
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